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winter solstice . 2022 / beltane . 2023

Evolutions was my first editions series, published on my Summer Wagner Editions contract via manifold. The series consists of seven pieces and a total of only 290 editions all together. 

Together and alone, the works tell a visual story about embodiment, ritual, and the aesthetic and sensory power of our natural world. 

Evolutions was released on the winter solstice, 2022 and offered collectors an opportunity to participate in a ritual of their own: by burning an edition of "Sow" you redeemed "The Reaping."

Using blockchain technology to tell immersive stories and pull the digital experience into embodied emotional experience, the process was repeated with the final two editions added to the Evolutions series, where holders of "Krasis" were able to burn to redeem "La Loba" near Beltane, 2023. 

"When she is finished with her poem, and there is a moment of stillness and balance, and the moon is lost from the sky, one might light a flame at dusk and read the scripture in the sand and call something out of the darkness."

- From the description of Krasis

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